Outside of the Bubble: January Edition

by ethan.wainwright@finncomms.com

31st January, 2019

As an agency we’re proud to shout about those pushing the boundaries to demonstrate courageous creativity, improve human connections and understand proof of value outside of the bubble.

So, here’s a round-up of some highlights from January!

The Yorkshire Mafia (YM), one of the largest networks of senior professionals in the country, is celebrating 10 years of improving human connections and proving value by bringing businesses together to meet, learn and share through some of the most high-profile events in the corporate calendar.

Estimating a total economic impact of £58m, the group continues to raise the profile of the Yorkshire region to a national and international audience as it creates events that attract globally acclaimed speakers and entrepreneurs- way to prove the value of our fantastic county.

This month Manchester based media agency The Social Chain Group unveiled a courageously creative billboard campaign to help the city’s homeless by ‘gamifying’ the donation process. The billboards ask people questions that have stood the test of time like: “barm or roll” and “dinner or tea”. In doing so they encourage people to text their vote to polls, with the winner announced at 5pm every evening on the billboards and social media.

Every vote donates £1 to local charity Centrepoint, ultimately creating change through human connections by starting a healthy debate to raise awareness and money for the city’s rough sleepers.

Transport company Go North East have launched a new campaign amid research that three in 10 Brits go at least one day a week without speaking to anyone. In a bid to support North Easterners who maybe battling with loneliness, the brand is introducing ‘Chatty Bus Champions’ to three of its busiest routes on Tuesday 29th January.

The move by the award-winning company comes after research, undertaken by ComRes on behalf of Greener Journeys, found that almost two in three people admit to feeling lonely, particularly younger people. The poll of 2,000 people also highlighted that a third of those surveyed deliberately catch the bus to have some human contact while two thirds of bus users believe the bus creates strong community ties.

The courageously creative campaign will see 30 Chatty Bus Champions board 30 buses in an aim to start conversation among passengers using a range of games and ice breakers, emphasising the importance of human connections in a way that feels authentic.

As Martin Gilbert, Managing Director of Go North East explained, “The bus is the original social network and this research shows just how vital a lifeline it is for those who feel lonely or excluded.”

Bristol-based agri-tech firm LettUs Grow has secured £1m of investment to build courageously creative world-beating indoor ‘farms’ that could help feed the ever-increasing global population. The firm has designed a patent-pending system with a growth rate of more than 70% compared to existing methods of growing leafy greens, salads and herbs. The system uses aeroponics instead of soil, meaning plant roots are suspended in a nutrient-dense mist. This results in better proof of value through faster growth rate as well as consistent and predictable yields. The brand’s sustainable credentials are further reinforced  through the 95% reduction in water usage provided by LettUs Grow’s innovative product.

This month job site Monster.co.uk revealed that outside of London, Birmingham is the best city in the UK to develop a career within the digital industry. Monster’s Digital Cities highlights the top 10 cities outside of London to develop a digital career. To create the ranking Monster analysed a variety of factors across cities in the UK, including digital economy growth, available digital jobs and quality of life to create an overall score. Birmingham topped the list thanks to the availability of over 437 digital jobs, combined with 33% industry growth YoY and average salaries of over £43,000 alongside average costs of £638 to rent a one bed home and £4 for a pint. It looks like The Second City truly is a fitting name for Birmingham!

Last but certainly not least, Liverpool start-up Koffin is tackling rising funeral costs by using advanced material testing and 3D printing technology to help create its first batch of customisable eco-friendly coffins. With funeral costs having risen over 70% in the last decade, Koffin was founded by artist Gina Czarnecki as a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional Victorian coffins. The caskets are 100% biodegradable and can be personalised with different colours, photographs and hand-written messages. After four years of development, Koffin has now gone into production, with an aim to disrupt the industry and provide a solution which provides more value to both people and the environment.

All in all, some fantastic examples of courageous creativity, human connections and proof of value outside of the bubble!

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