Outside of the Bubble: May edition

by ethan.wainwright@finncomms.com

31st May, 2019

As an agency we’re proud to shout about those pushing the boundaries to demonstrate courageous creativity, improve human connections and understand proof of value outside of the bubble.

So, here’s a round-up of some highlights from May.


My Coach School, a Liverpool based, online health and fitness platform is demonstrating its proof of value by celebrating reaching 10,000 members since its launch three months ago.

The online training academy allows users to watch hundreds of workouts, recipes, and coaching tutorials to help them to achieve their personal fitness goals. Members of the school have access to the most extensive workouts and knowledge-based video library in the world, including at home and gym-based workouts, tailored to both men and women, for just £15 per month.

Ben Haldon and Lucy Davis, the fitness power couple behind the school, launched the platform to help educate people on how to lose weight safely, without relying on faddy crash diets, and to help people to understand their bodies from a nutritional perspective.

My Coach School is also championing human connections through its Facebook page, where members support each other, share their experiences, and make friends. Founder Ben Haldon is most proud of this aspect of the business because it demonstrates ‘…how the school is bringing people together, and having such a positive impact on so many members…’


Manchester based Talentful, the team-building experts for some of the most exciting tech companies in the world has launched the world’s first personality-based jobseeker platform.

According to research from Gallup, 85% of the global workforce are described as “emotionally disconnected from the workplace”. Talentful believes there’s a better way for people to find jobs and get more fulfilment from their career by harnessing human connections.

Talentful’s new ‘Insightful’ Culture Matching Platform features tailored questions, created with the help of a psychometric expert. Answering the questions algorithmically calculates the jobseeker’s personality type, to give them one of the eight featured personality archetypes.

Then, it connects the candidate to the real positions on the job market based on their results and shows the best-matched jobs available to apply for, giving a personalised culture fit score out of 100 for each position.

Talentful founder and co-CEO, Phil Blaydes, said: “We’re focused on giving power back to the jobseekers, giving them the best chance to find their ideal team by matching their unique personality with the perfect role.”


An organisation that is investing in the future of the UK’s ongoing health by launching its services to teenagers in the North East, has announced the details of its first course in the region.

StartMedUK is the brainchild of Dr Michael Shenouda and Dr Ryan Dias, who studied his medical degree at Newcastle University. The company has announced its first course to help young people pass the rigorous shortlisting process of medical schools.

Dr Dias, who is also responsible for several leadership programs delivered in the NHS following an illustrious medical career, said:

“Last year The Guardian reported that there were six times more medical students from London as from the North East. In fact, only 245 students from the North East started medical and dentistry degrees last year, compared to 1585 from London. We want to increase those figures and as well as delivering in schools, we are holding our own courses so individuals can sign up themselves.”

Another example of a Northern business investing in the region and looking to prove its value through human connections!


BigChange, the Leeds based mobile workforce technology company, announced this month that it intends to adopt a four-day working week across its business by the end of 2021.

The business plans to continue its courageously creative innovation in automation and machine learning technologies so that all of its employees can move to a 32-hour working week. BigChange is establishing a task force to identify the best way to introduce a four-day working week over the next 18 months and has committed to retraining people for new roles should automation replace their work entirely.

Martin Port, founder and managing director of BigChange comments: “We want to give people at BigChange the tools and the opportunity to do their job in four days, not five. They will make the same money as they would if they were working a full week, but they’ll also have more time for relaxing and spending time with their families.”

BigChange provides a revolutionary mobile workforce management system called JobWatch that is used by over 1,000 organisations globally. The system combines CRM, smart job scheduling, vehicle tracking and a series of mobile apps to eliminate paper record keeping, automate manual processes and facilitate collaboration on the go between companies. What a great example of courageously creative innovation to better prove value and improve human connections!

All in all, another month full of fantastic examples of courageous creativity, human connections and proof of value outside of the bubble!

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