Food waste targets? Government Symposium synopsis here

by Sarah De Salis

15th May, 2019

This week saw the government’s first Food Surplus and Waste Champion, Ben Elliot, host ‘Step up to the Plate’ – a major symposium at the V&A Museum to help promote awareness of the issue of food waste, and bring major players in the food industry together to help tackle it.

This event comes as the government has called on nearly 300 organisations to pledge to significantly cut food waste, including setting a target to halve their food waste by 2030 in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

Organisations have also been encouraged to adopt the WRAP and IGD Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, with a call to action for leading food and drink businesses to ‘Target, Measure and Act’ on food waste.

With 100,000 tonnes of accessible and edible surplus food wasted in the retail and food manufacturing sectors in 2017 alone (as estimated by WRAP), the focus on action is a significant moment for the food industry, with Environment Secretary Michael Gove highlighting at the symposium the environmental, economic and moral case for tackling food waste. Reducing food waste is a global challenge, and there’s a compelling business case for action.

This wrap up comes from Sarah de-Salis who recently joined Finn from Tesco where she drove the development of their sustainability comms and creative content, including partnership launches with WWF and Jamie Oliver, corporate social media strategy and website development. Prior to this, she led community projects for the retailer including Community Food Connection, its surplus food redistribution scheme.

If you’d like to organise an introduction with Sarah to discuss your issues around food waste and her experience at Tesco please drop an email over to

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