Finn on Purpose: Alpro introduce first ever vegan edible packaging


19th March, 2019

Earlier this month Alpro released the first ever vegan takeaway in time for Plant Power Day, a national day that it created to raise awareness of plant-based diets. The most impactful part of the release was arguably the packaging of the takeaway, which is edible and vegan (the first of its kind).

Alpro’s vision is ‘…a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants…’ In creating the first vegan takeaway Alpro are empowering people to live in a world where this is possible. As a result the brand is fulfilling its purpose and doing something about a social issue, rather than simply talking about it.  Microsoft also did this in the last edition of Finn on Purpose.

What’s interesting about the Alpro example (apart from the nature of the product) is that the brand didn’t put any spend behind the launch or communicate it via any of its social media channels. Despite this the story earned coverage in major titles like the Metro and Yahoo News.

The reason why? Because it’s a great example of brand purpose done well.

As you’ll probably be aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year), waste and how to minimise it is currently a hot topic. Brands are now under more pressure than ever to use sustainable packaging. So, for Alpro, a brand ‘…with the utmost respect for our planet…’ to give its customers a double-whammy of plant-based innovation on a day that it created to better spread the message of its vision feels authentic and true to its purpose.

That’s why this example of ‘purpose-led action’ worked so well, because it embodied Alpro’s vision and spoke louder than its words could have ever done.

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