Finn on Purpose: Actions speak louder than words in Microsoft Superbowl campaign


22nd February, 2019

Earlier this week we looked at an example of a purpose led campaign that wasn’t executed properly and now it’s time for one that was…

When Microsoft aired its superbowl ad, ‘we all win’ earlier this month the public response was fantastic. It’s an ad that plucks at the heart strings. The campaign was also directly responsible for a 2.9% increase in share value the day after it aired- talk about proof of value…

Microsoft’s brand purpose is ‘…to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more…’ and so a campaign that does this for young children with disabilities is perfectly fitting. The ad shows kids using the new XBOX adaptive controller. This makes their gaming experience infinitely easier, allowing them to achieve more.

This campaign works because Microsoft aren’t just talking about a social cause, they’re doing something about it. Microsoft is doing things with technology that improves disabled people’s lives. It’s helping them feel more included.

What’s more, the campaign is directly aligned with the brand’s core purpose, so it feels authentic. Microsoft haven’t just created a purpose led campaign to jump on the bandwagon, it’s something that’s been an integral part of the businesses’ identity since its inception.

That’s not to say that a brand can’t begin purpose led campaigns if social change hasn’t always been a pillar of its identity. It just means that the motive has to feel genuine and the brand can’t double back on itself like Iceland did with its ‘Rang-Tan’ campaign.

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