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The Business Challenge

Bio-Oil was already the number one selling scars and stretch marks product with 80% market share in the skin treatment category and exceptionally high awareness amongst its female target audience. But it was reaching saturation point in its narrow core market with sales continuing to decline. Without fresh thinking, both the brand’s growth and long-term future  were under threat.

Finn’s challenge was to widen the market opportunity, increase household penetration and frequency of purchase.


The current skincare treatment market is worth £21.3m. But the wider dry skin market is worth almost five times that, with beauty skincare worth a whopping £606m alone.

In addition, our research found a growing trend for beauty shortcuts – the search by consumers for multifunctional, all-in-one products that both save them money and time by solving several needs – as they live busier lives than ever.

But Bio-Oil was being viewed as a product for the bathroom sink, not the beauty cabinet. We needed to change this. We recognised that Bio-Oil had the right to play to a bigger audience and take advantage of growing consumer needs.

By repositioning Bio-Oil as   a wider skincare solution , recruiting new customers by educating them on the benefits for scars, stretch marks and dry skin, and re-engaging lapsed customers on its wider skincare uses, the potential for Bio-Oil to enjoy further growth was huge.

The Creative Dare

We dared ourselves to… get young and old women to try using Bio-Oil as a moisturiser, primer or cuticle oil (or 37 other things), so they move it from under the sink to next to it and buy it more often.

Say hello to Drop, Drop ______.

An idea broad enough to show the product’s breadth of uses but salient enough to be ownable by the brand. A concept that changes behaviour, building Bio-Oil into every day beauty regimes, two drops at a time.

How It Worked

To convert Bio-Oil’s campaign target of winning 201,000 new customers we knew that we needed to create authoritative content.

We also knew   we needed to go big.  So we set a big fat hairy audacious goal – to reach 21m people in order to convert our target.

To achieve this we launched an integrated campaign, powered by PR, which ran across influencer, PR, media partnership, social, sampling and a dedicated content hub microsite.

Proving Value

Just three months after the launch, the Drop Drop campaign has already helped us reposition our brand as a multitasking cult product and re-ignite engagement around the brand especially for a younger, harder to reach demographic.

Timea Halmai, Brand Manager

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