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Make it happen - A tale of extrême determination

I’ve not been long initiated into Finn towers, but one thing I know we take very seriously, is upholding the Finn values at any given opportunity. My time to prove the ‘Make It Happen’ value came with perfect comic timing this February with the help from a little weather mishap nicknamed ‘The Beast from The East’. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since New Year, a mighty Siberian weather warning decided to plonk itself across most of the UK towards the end of February, very conveniently at the same time as I had booked in a three-day photography shoot for ice cream client extrême – yes, the irony was not lost on us either.

As luck would have it, the first day of the shoot ran extremely smoothly, the one day that I was smiling reassuringly at my phone as behind the scenes pics were whatsapped, and emails were being sent from the comfort of the office. The week-long snow flurries had seemingly dried up, the sun was shining, spring was positively in the air.

I went to bed that night, dreaming of to-do lists but excited for the next couple of days, where I’d be travelling to the depths of Yorkshire (ok, Bingley, only 20 minutes by train) and would be working alongside a fantastic food stylist Lauren Becker we’d brought up from ‘that there London’, as well as the photography expertise and beautiful studio location of Sonia Davies’ 51degreesnorth Studios.

Pulling back the blind from my Velux window that morning and having a full blanket of snow blocking my view, was…not expected.

Donning my best warm weather gear, I wasn’t too fazed at this point. Trains were running between Leeds and Bingley, and as Sonia lives right by the studio, my Northern sensibility kicked in. A little snow won’t stop us. Little did I know, that about an hour later, I’d be on the phone to the client who was driving in from two hours away (at that point stuck in a gridlock on the A1) and waiting to be picked up by Sonia whose Land Rover couldn’t make it up the hill to the next village where Lauren was staying. Oh dear.

Knowing that we had precious time to waste, and that my own food styling skills were something to be desired, a plan of action in the most unexpected situation had to unfold. This very nearly became a mission to have Lauren picked up by a local farmer boy, known to Sonia of course. Seeing him come into view over a hill on no less than a quad bike with two massive bales of hay strapped to the back is a sight I won’t forget, with visions of Lauren clinging on as she was whisked to the studio something we had to consider and luckily, she was up for the challenge. Thankfully, a more comfortable taxi ride managed to reach her, and all was resolved over soothing cups of tea, belly rubs with Edith the studio’s sausage dog and cracking on with the job at hand.

Despite the unforeseen weather event, the result is social content we’re really proud of and is a great memory for me in my first few months at Finn. You can see more by following @extremeicecreamuk.

Daria Wilcocks, Account Manager


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