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Feel that? The hint of Christmas? The nippy chill outside and the shops being decked out with tinsel and baubles?

With Christmas fast approaching, the retailer Christmas ads have become something of a national sport with everyone debating who’s the more loveable, Paddington Bear or new-kid-on-the-block, Moz the Monster? Here’s our round-up of the Christmas ads that stand out from the crowd.

The first to be aired, beating the rivals, Asda has gone down an episode route with each new release showing a different part of the Christmas workshop. In the first episode a young girl accompanied by her grandad (hello Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!) sneak into a factory to discover the ‘Imaginarium’, where reindeers power a food mixer and miniature people assemble canapés. We have one question. Do they take Christmas party bookings?

John Lewis
The most anticipated ad of the year signals the official start of Christmas (hand me the mulled wine). This heart-tugging story of a little boy and his friendship with an imaginary seven-foot monster living #UnderTheBed has received a mixed response with reviews including “heart-warming” and “disappointing”, with some questioning how “Christmassy” the story was. John Lewis always go down the emotional route and this got us good and proper.

Lidl’s festive offering comes in three parts: The Cavalier Carver, The Mince Pie Maverick and the Double Dipper. The adverts are short and snappy, rather than the emotional and tear-jerking trend that usually hit our screen each November – hats off to Lidl for lifting our spirits.

Teased with promoted ‘Breaking News’ ads across its social media channels, M&S revealed that Paddington Bear is the centre of attention to champion this year’s offering. Bringing the true selfless essence of Christmas to our screens, PB offers help to a burglar (who he believed was Father Christmas) to deliver his presents, and show him the error of his past ways. Well, we certainly #LoveTheBear M&S!

It’s the return of our favourite Christmas carrot but this year Kevin the Carrot has returned for 2017 festivities on a quest for love. This sequel starts with Kevin as a snowman’s nose but our plucky carrot friend soon escapes and starts his mission taking him on a journey far and wide, across piles of mince pies and icebergs of cheese. So, does he find his one true love? Tune in to find out.

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